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Protect Your Investment

Why is a Home Inspection so important?

The purchase of a home is one the largest single investments you will ever make. With that in mind, it is extremely important that you learn as much as you can about the condition of the property and the possible need for any major repairs before making the purchase. A home inspection, by a licensed inspector, helps minimize the possibility of unpleasant surprises, unexpected costs and post-purchase headaches.

Our goal is to thoroughly inspect the property and clearly identify to you any issues that are found. Our hope is that you would be present to observe the inspection, as well as have a discussion onsite regarding our findings. We take pride in our report and our goal is to provide a clear and concise report to our client. Our reports are delivered within 24 hours.

It’s important to remember that a reputable home inspector will also point out the positive aspects of a home, as well as the maintenance that will be necessary to keep it in good shape. After the inspection, you will have a much clearer understanding of the property you are about to purchase, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

What’s more, home inspections are not just for new homebuyers. For existing homeowners, an inspection may be considered in order to identify problems-in-the-making, and to learn important preventative measures that can help avoid costly future repairs. If you are planning to sell your home, you may also wish to have an inspection prior to placing your home on the market. This will give you a better understanding of conditions which may be discovered by the buyer’s inspector, and provide you with the opportunity to make repairs that will put the house in better selling condition.

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